Disease Alert

A new disease known as Pigeon Paramyxovirus, is now in Australia. It is thought it could possibly have been brought into the Country via smuggling of racing pigeons [from Iraq]. Quarantine does not screen for this disease. On September 11.th … Continue reading

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All authorised wildlife shelter operators in Victoria operate under the ‘Code of Practice for the Operation of Wildlife Shelters.’ Paragraph 1 of Item 3, Release Procedures, states : ‘This phase of rehabilitation process is most important and must be carefully … Continue reading

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Next Meeting

The next WRIN General Meeting will be held on the Saturday the 5th of August 2017 starting 12:30pm at our usual venue, the Senior Citizen’s rooms Golden Square. This will be WRIN’s Annual General Meeting and all committee positions will … Continue reading

Climate Change

A report by Birds Australia says there is mounting evidence that climate change will have, probably already is, having an impact on our bird species. The way they breed, migrate and feed are undergoing great changes even though the measurable … Continue reading

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