Threatened Species Day

September 7th was Threatened Species Day This date commemorates the death of the last known Tasmanian Tiger after decades of human persecution caused the species to be unsustainable. . The Grey Headed Flying Fox is the focus this year. This … Continue reading

Wildlife Rescue Training

Box Hill TAFE are offering two training courses in Wildlife rescue and nursing.  See the two links below for further details.  Note, there are fees for each of these courses.   … Continue reading

Welcome to WRIN

Welcome to the Wildlife Rescue and Information Network Inc.  (WRIN) WRIN inc. is an organization dedicated to the the rescue and rehabilitation of native fauna found injured, sick or orphaned.  All of its members are all volunteers. If you find … Continue reading

What does it Mean?

The status of our fauna species comes under several categories, you need to note the status of any wildlife that comes into care as species listed from the Threatened status upwards should be reported to DEPI and always must be … Continue reading