BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE still from Jenny

Here’s another angle to the ‘usual’ snake story.

A friend rang me because she had a problem with a large Red-bellied Black Snake in her garage and she needed a snake handler. I discovered she had obtained phone numbers for snake handlers from a lovely, helpful lady called Denise.

The problem was the snake and she had co-existed quite happily for a number of years. Very recently she had been in her garage when the snake had appeared causing her to hurriedly jump sideways – as you do. Unfortunately she fell and bumped her head. The decision was made to relocate the snake to a specially chosen site on the property and she needed someone to put it in a box, so she could safely release it in the new surroundings.

I loved the story. What a very special lady. If you have any ‘good news’ stories please write them down and send them in.

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