I was talking to my daughter some time ago while we were both visiting my 91 year old dad at his nursing home. Jo mentioned she had been unable to use the Mercedes for some time, instantly I thought back to the time when the ‘people mover’ had just been purchased and Jo had pulled into the petrol station to fill up, she automatically got the petrol hose and began to fill up. Luckily, before too much petrol had flowed through the hose, she remembered this vehicle needed diesel to keep it running. Thankfully, all that was needed was for the petrol to be siphoned out and then the tank flushed clean. I wondered what might have happened on this occasion but before I could pose the question she laughed and said nothing’s wrong, just pardalotes are nesting in the muffler and I have to wait until they all come out. She finished with a chuckle and said “I’ll probably blow the thing up when I start it as it will be blocked with all sorts of nesting material.”


This isn’t the first time Jo has had to re-organise her garage during nesting season as a few years ago willie wagtails nested on the handlebars of husband Gregs bike, so for several weeks Greg had to train using Jo’s triathlon/long distance bike and she wasn’t really amused. Son Steve is also a bit of a softy at times, years ago he decided to move a pile of dirt and before much had been moved from the pile, he realised he’d dug straight into a nest – yes, pardalotes once again. After a quick phone call we decided to try a terra-cotta plant pot on its side jammed into the hole with part of the top [now the side] of the pot covered then the pot covered over with dirt with the babies placed into the pot. Luckily it was another success.

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