BIRD                                        BREEDING TIMES               NUMBER CLUTCHES

Chestnut-rumped Thornbill              June-Dec                               1 , 2 or more

Brown Thornbill                                June-Dec                               1 or 2

Buff-rumped Thornbill

Yellow-rumped  Thornbill                                                                1, 2 or more

Brown Treecreeper                           Aug-Jan 1

Fuscous Honeyeater                        July-Dec                                may nest other times 1 or 2 or more

Most of our common honeyeater sp. nest as for Fuscous and produce 1 or 2 clutches, exceptions are

White-plumed                                      June-Dec                             1 or 2

Blue-faced                                          June -Jan                              1 or 2

Noisy Minor                                        May -Dec                              1 or 2

New-holland Minor                   also March-May                             2 or 3 or more

Painted Minor                           Oct-Dec occasionally later depending on mistletoe fruiting

Eastern Spinebill                            Aug-Dec                                    1 or 2

Yellow-rumped Pardalote              Aug-Dec 1

Spotted Pardalote                          Sep-Jan 1

Striated Pardalote                          July-Dec 1

Silvereye                                       Aug-Jan                                  1, 2 more depending on food and conditions

White-winged Chough                   Aug-Dec                               1 per bird but entire group will produce2, 3 or more per year

Masked Lapwing                          June-Dec, often anytime        1-3

Crested Pigeon                             Sep-Dec, anytime depending on rainfall   1 or more

Galah                                              July-Dec 1                            maybe 2

Long-billed Corella                          Aug-Dec                                   1

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo            Aug-Jan                                     1

Musk Lorikeet                                Aug-Dec                                    1

Eastern Rosella                             Aug-Jan                                      1

Red-rumped Parrot                       July- as late as Dec                    1,2 or more

Southern Boobook Owl                 Sep-Nov                                      1

Barn Owl                                        May-Aug but will breed anytime food is abundant, often up to 3 per year. Will not breed if conditions bad

Tawny Frogmouth                            Aug-Nov                                        1 or 2

Laughing Kookaburra                   Sep-Dec, occas Aug & Jan              1

Sacred Kingfisher                          Sep-Jan                                            1

Welcome Swallow                        July-Jan                                    up to 3

Tree & Fairy Martins                    July-Dec                                        1 or 2

Superb Fairy-wren                        Aug-Jan                                           2 or more

Aus Magpie-lark                          Sep-Jan, anytime                            2-4

Aus Magpie                                  June-Dec                                          1 or 2

Aus Raven                                  July-Sep                                            1

Little Raven                                 June-Sep                                             1


For breeding time of other species, please call and I will try to oblige [check bird books, many have this info], remember, this is a guide only, most birds have never read the books! Over the last 10+ years, many species breeding times have altered, we believe this is possibly due to the change in weather patterns. Sadly many birds will go into breeding mode when weather conditions are appropriate only to have the weather change drastically causing their nestling young to die.

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