the other day I made the mistake of NOT finding your website about how to deal with nestlings that have fallen/flown out of their nest. I only read up on one website [I now think based in America], which insisted I put the bird back in the tree. There was no mention of the fact that most nestlings begin the first few days out of the nest foraging for food, with their parents out of sight but present to feed occasionally.
As a result of what can only be described as misguided but with the best intentions, this healthy little bird ended up dying in what I now realise was an entirely inappropriate excuse for a nest. I am still recovering from the horror of my mistake and would like to forewarn others so that they don’t do the same. If you know of a website where the public can easily access stories like mine, or if you have a section in your website where a posting about this would be appropriate, please do advise me. Many thanks

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