Currently we are receiving echidnas in for care regularly, at least one every fortnight, all are road accident victims and, luckily, all have survived which, for these victims is good as most often the injuries are so severe they have to be euthanised. Thanks must go to my carer who has taken on the last 3, one was huge weighing in at close to 7kg, no way was it going to fit into the cage I had taken to bring it home in, we had to borrow a much larger one from the clinic and arrange other transport as the friend I had gone with to collect it couldn’t fit the large cage in her car. It has been our experience that many echidnas that have been judged as not badly injured – mostly with some minor beak or other visible damage – have massive internal damage even though externally nothing is visible. It is a good idea to keep any echidna that arrives for care with any signs of having been hit or run over by a car for several days to see if it deteriorates. The beaut echidna picture was sent in by Brenda Argus.

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