On arrival the joey will need a substitute pouch [pj’s] made of soft machine washable cloth.
Do not use any rough or large weave fabrics. Don’t make baby’s pj’s out of woolen blankets
or knitted garments, eyes can become ulcerated if the rough fabric rubs on the eyes.
Fingernails, toenails or even the fingers/toes themselves can be caught in knitted goods and
are easily broken. Windcheaters or soft, old flannelette pillowcases/sheets are suitable.
Brushed cotton used fluffy side out is also OK. Even tiny babies will groom themselves to
some extent, if baby’s pj’s are fluffy or made of wool, the fluff or woolen fibres can easily be ingested and cause blockages and death. These pj’s are suitable for most pouch dependent
secies, size is all that has to change. Baby needs to be able to move freely in its pj’s but
make them so baby relaxes in its natural ‘horseshoe’ position, therefore a narrow tall shape
rounded at the bottom is most suitable, large open pouches do not offer security, it is likely
baby will stress.
note : I have found the fine, very soft, light cotton pillowcases available in most stores are
very good for using on pinks [I’m told they’re probably good quality Egyptian cotton] I made
several; some time ago with donated, almost new, pillow cases and they were a great
success used inside the polar fleece outer pouch. I was particularly pleased as one of the
small pink joeys that arrived had sustained serious trauma to its entire lower back area, as
no structural injuries could be found I decided to treat the injured area. The fine, soft pouch
was perfect for the fragile damaged skin and 3 months later we’ve ended up with a beautiful
strong joey with no signs of his dreadful injury.

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