Our Protected Wildlife ?? – Brenda

DEPI [Department of Environment and Primary Industry] are the protectors of our wildlife yet
in the last 5 years. Approvals were given by DSE [prior to the name change to DEPI] to kill
more than half a million of our native animals including seals, cockatoos, wombats,
kangaroos and black swans amongst others.
Permits for up to 16 fur seals were given. In 2013 permits for more than 16,000 eastern grey
kangaroos and 9000 wombats – one for an animal damaging a golf course –were issued as
well as for 100’s of emus.
The Department says our wildlife is protected but anyone can apply for a kill permit if the
animal is thought to be a problem. The departmental spokeswoman says all non-lethal
options are exhausted first [this is not true]. Last financial year death warrants for wildlife
reached a peak to include 127,000 animals. Figure has risen by 40,000 since 2012. Birds
are the main targets but flying foxes and tortoises are also on the list.
In a very short time it’s gone from DSE to DEPI and now DELWP [Department of
Environment, Land, Water & Planning] at least at the time of writing.

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