It was a sad time on March 2nd when I received the news of the death of former WRIN
member and very dear friend, Leonie [Lee] Edwards.
During her years with WRIN Lee was always involved in any WRIN activities and always in
the front line for fund raising, promotion and any other job she could assist with. She was a
no nonsense lady but exuded fun and love to all who were close to her.
For some years Lee more than ably took on the role of treasurer. Every cent was accounted
for, if 5 cents went missing [and it did once] no stone was left unturned until it was accounted
for – we moved a lot of stones that day! Her accounts were exact and impeccable. If a
donation, congratulatory letter, or any other ‘feel-good’ vibe was received we would know
simply by the huge grin Lee would be wearing when she came through the door to a
meeting. She would be in her glee as she described the events culminating in the donation,
etc and the praise received for WRIN.
Our memberships were also managed in the same exemplary manner. Updated lists were
regularly forwarded to the President; if any new members had questions, someone would be
asked to respond to the query and the names were always ready to be put into the
newsletter. We always jumped to attention. Lee was merciless in her endeavours towards
ensuring WRIN prospered but it was accompanied by the grin, laughter and love we knew
she had for all, the humans as well as the wildlife but it was the wildlife that always took first
Promotional activities, stalls, membership drives, garage sales, Lee would be there always,
usual grin in place, but it was easy to see if she wasn’t happy with something and we always
endeavoured to do our best knowing it was all being done for our precious wildlife.
In the days when an annual garage sale was the norm for us, we would accept the offer of
the home of any member for the sale. The last couple took place at Lee’s home where she
could always be found working away on one thing or another. After everything had been
cleared away and the money excitedly counted, we would gather inside for refreshments and
happy chat about the success of the day then, before saying goodbye the talk would turn to
what to do next to promote our wildlife and WRIN, Lee always had suggestions.

Unfortunately her long time illness finally began to get the upper hand and she had to retire
to look after herself.
Saying goodbye to Lee, on 11th March – the day after her birthday – was very difficult.
Seeing a number of familiar faces from the past who had been involved in all those happy
times and sharing tears, hugs and kisses certainly eased the pain of the day.
I’m certain everyone knew that Lee’s no nonsense and orderly approach to everything was
for no other reason than aiming for the best outcome for wildlife and WRIN. Thank you Lee.
You will always be remembered as an enthusiastic, passionate and busy member.

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