Vale Carol Hacker

It is with much sadness that WRIN announce the passing of their very valued and loved member Carol Hacker. Carol has been a long time supporter and carer of wildlife and has been a member of WRIN for many years. Her dedication and committment to wildlife was invaluable and will be greatly missed .

Carol also loved gardening, as was evident from her beautiful flowers and garden, and sewing, often sewing pouches for wildlife in her care or to be passed onto others, and was not afraid of hard work. She adored her family and friends and was kind beyond measure.

During her years with WRIN Carol sucessfully rescued and cared for many sick, injured and orphaned animals including kangaroos, wallabies, possums and birds. Nothing was too much trouble for her when it came to wildlife.  For the animals that came ino her care she was their world and she made a world of difference to their lives many of which would not of survived without her help. Her skills and years of expertise will be irreplaceable.

Carol passed away in Januaury after battling illness. WRIN committee and members could like to pass on their condolences to her family. May she rest in peace.

Prudie and Boo, photo courtesy of



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