April Meeting

The April meeting was held as usual despite it being Easter. We are planning a garage sale
anticipated to take place in September. Suggestions for the event included a sausage sizzle
and members able to put up their own stall to sell goods. A raffle would also be held.
Anyone who wishes to donate or collect for the sale. Please remember saleable items
only, any leftovers have to be disposed of, there is little point in holding a fund raiser
if we then have to use the funds raised to dispose of the leftovers.
There was discussion regarding changing the meeting time to evenings and on week nights.
This met positive and negative feedback with distance travelled being the major concern for
members living away from Bendigo, particularly during the cold, dark winter months. There
was the thought speakers may find it better if meetings were held at night rather than
Saturday afternoon. It was also put forward that meetings be reduced from six to four per
year. Voting took place with a trial of 4 meetings being the preferred option by most, but not
all, and still at the usual Saturday afternoon. Six committee meetings will still take place,
four to be as usual, prior to the general meeting and the remaining two will be held at
committee members homes. Therefore take note – the June meeting will go ahead as
scheduled but the following will take place in September instead of August, the following
meeting will be the December Christmas meeting. Members will be reminded prior to the
Three new members were signed up. Encourage your friends and neighbours to join us.
New faces are always needed as are rescuers. Suggestions were put forward for having
‘how to do’ sessions at the meetings for anyone thinking of becoming a rescuer.
Please make every effort to attend the next meeting. Bring friends and suggestions. Our
wildlife needs you.